User Experience Designer


Happy and versatile design leader with a broad skill range, including communication design as part of the user experience process, user research, rapid prototyping, web and appliction design, product design, visual, UI, UX, interaction design, iOS/Android mobile design, UI design pattern systems, brand identity, and project management. Passionate about solving real business problems by facilitating an agile development and human centered design process. Self-directed team player with management experience.



My PicI've been involved in design since childhood and have continued my dedication and passion for creativity and innovative designs ever since. I've been designing professionally for over 12 years in Silicon Valley, California with an extensive mix of agency, start-up, corporate and in-house experience, as well as freelance.

I am interested in how design can benefit our daily life experiences. I love researching, understanding what people's pain points are and being introduced to new things. I am passionate about making things simple to interact with and creating experiences that are meaningful and engaging. I also believe in the balance of collaboration, research, knowledge, imagination, skills, aesthetic, and good communication to achieve and deliver a successful product experience. I'm very proud of my team and the hard work we do. I enjoy leading successful Human Centered Design projects within agile and lean environments, mentoring other designers, and working with so many talented people who all share a passion for breakthrough innovation. I also enjoy surrounding myself with people who are creative, fun, friendly, down to earth, enjoy life, and have a GREAT sense of humor!


The tools and applications I use:

  • Sketch 3 and
  • Slack
  • Adobe CS6 - Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash
  • Concept sketch, Wireframing
  • Prototyping - Axure, UXPin, Justinmind, InVision, Moqups,
  • WCAG 2.0, ADA, Section 508, Accessibility standards and best practices
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to modify code for design
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Strategy
  • Facebook Developer Tools: APIs, Social Plugins, Apps, Ads, Mobile SDK's
  • Paypal Developer Tools: APIs, Integrated Payment & Checkout Solutions, Mobile SDK's
  • iOS Developer Library/Pattern System - Human Interface Guideleines
  • iDev101 for iOS Development
  • Android Developer Library/Pattern System - Human Interface Guidelines
  • Tablet & Mobile Gesturecons
  • CMS and asset management
  • Microsoft Office

Keep it simple, Keep it real, Keep it relevant.

Product design is a personal signature, therefore I take design work seriously while having fun, ensuring the products our team designs reflect the amount of thinking, care and effort we all have taken.

Being able to play a role as a designer and part engineer, combining both aesthetics and function is key. You need to work with an open mind and seek to balance the creative dreamer against the realist while working within the constraints of deadlines, requirements and commerciality.

Design is about making it meaningful, simple, authentic, truthful and straightforward. The end user should always be able to find what they're looking for without thinking about it and they should be able to complete their tasks in simple logical steps. Like all problem solving, the most elegant design solutions speak for themselves and are the simplest to use.

No matter what you think you know about design, user research, or creativity, if nobody gets it, you fail. Get back up, learn from your failures and try again.

Creation of Visa's Design Studio

Stay Creative!





UX, UI, IX Design

Visual, Creative Design

iOS/Android Mobile Design

Interactive Prototypes



Provided over 8 years of creative direction and design strategy on major brands like Costco, Securematics, Azilon Corporation, Meineke, L3, Hitch Media, Netflix and United Way of Silicon Valley. Coordinated and managed multiple vendors to create and ship completed projects to Fortune 1000 clients. Managed design, campaigns, online marketing, and developed marketing strategies to improve profitability and sales for local printing and software companies. Developed a process to improve the workflow between the in-house departments and introduced new technologies to help meet objectives.

Key member of cross-functional teams to gather design requirements, product goals and translate them into innovative, engaging and usable experiences for consumers. Mentor fellow designers, coordinated and presented workshops for WCAG guidelines, rapid wireframing and prototyping and design thinking for design teams. Designed wireframes, mockups, and user-centered design concepts which resulted in successful consumer-oriented product launches for Citrix, Visa, eBay, Concur, Logitech, Oracle, Costco and Structural Soft. Managed teams of up to four people.







Joey Vallejo